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In the Maori culture, we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience and use the healing powers of our ancestors, to heal our selves as a whanau (family). Mother Earth - Papatuanuku and her progeny align themselves with us in our healing work so that we may become one with our ancestral wisdom.
As taught to me by the late Papa Hohepa De La Mere, the voices of nature inform Te Oomai Reia, an indigenous holistic clearing work that is used to open and release unwanted energies. Sometimes kohatu - (greenstone), rakau (wood), wai (water) and takutaku (chants) are used in the healing process to invoke the spiritual guardians of our natural resources.

Many have found Te Oomai Reia romiromi sessions to mark the beginning of a new life having released old baggage that is held on to on many levels; emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Some have made life changing shifts within just one session while others may need some mentoring each month or so afterwards to ensure that they maintain their balance in life.  For some of you who have been endured more in their lifetimes, it can take a little longer to undo what has been done and so Charlotte will work with you to explore a new set of beliefs that work for you instead of continuing to unconsciously self sabotage your own happiness.

LIVE STRONG and become aware of your thinking, your intentions and your own healing abilities so you can LIVE YOUR LIFE to your full potential without making fear based decisions.  Tap into a range of natural healing tools that are simple and cost nothing so you can shift, change and transform your life. 


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Te Oomai Reia traditional Maori healing sessions can be up to 1 hour,  1.5 hours or  2 hours in duration. Te Oomai Reia romiromi sessions start at 1 hours sessions at $115 inclusive GST to 1.5 hour sessions $149 GST inclusive.

Please allow some time so that your body can settle before leaving as the release of old emotions can be a deep spiritual experience. Some of the memories held in the body have taken a lifetime to create and it is important to be gentle on yourself after releasing unwanted energies stored in the body.  

Depending on the individual circumstances, an energy exchange/koha can be available for some as community sessions but these need to be negotiated with Charlotte. Please ensure that the correct contact details (emails and phone numbers) are entered correctly so that Charlotte can discuss the possibility of having a community session as these are not available unless they are negotiated with Charlotte. To avoid misunderstandings and disappointment, make contact with Charlotte to discuss the possibility of a community session.

Professional Development and Cultural Supervision sessions using romiromi  and mirimiri to intuitive diagnose the body, mind, spirit and environment start at 1 hours sessions $115 incl GST to 1.5 hour sessions $149 GST incl. Charlotte has a venue you can come to in Hastings or can come out to your venue.Charlotte can introduce you to a range of natural healing tools that are universal, deeply spiritual and simple so you can choose the quality of your own life and make your dreams come true.  Please make contact if you would like further documentation to consider cultural supervision for yourself or your staff.

If you would like Professional Development where Charlotte can present an interactive self care Maori healing workshop to your staff at your work venue in Hawkes Bay, the prices start at $149.50 incl GST for an hour and a half session,  $200 GST incl for 2 hours or $300 incl for either a morning or afternoon session that is up to 3 hours in duration. For a full day workshop, $575 GST incl.  Should you live outside of the Hawkes Bay area, please negotiate travel or accommodation with Charlotte. 

Please make an appointment well ahead of time or book on the online booking software below.

To book in for a Maori Healing workshop, click on BOOK NOW icon then choose the classes option and scroll down until you find the workshop of your interest.



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Charlotte is based in Hastings but travels to different areas nationally to provide workshop training in Maori healing and professional development in holistic self care as a practitioner

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Nga mihi mahana (warm greetings) - Charlotte Mildon

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